The Insect Crisis – a devastating account of how a silent collapse in worldwide insect populations is threatening everything from the birds in our skies to the food on our plates.

“A book that will be a classic on the day that it is published” – Bill McKibben

“The Insect Crisis is elegantly written, admirably nuanced, and terrifyingly important” – Michelle Nijhuis

“[A] gripping, sobering and important new book…Milman has an ear for a good quote and a knack for explaining scientific research” – Thor Hanson, New York Times

“If its visions are sometimes mournful, there is also something wondrous in Milman’s revelation of our fragile dependency on insect life as well as its beauty and strangeness” – Edward Posnett, The Guardian

“The Insect Crisis both inspires and alarms…it is also beautifully written” – Sue Stuart-Smith, author of The Well-Gardened Mind

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